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Does my child need a ticket?

Tickets are required for everyone age 3 years and over who occupy a seat. All children under 3 years old must sit in a lap and may not occupy a seat. While we know those little ones want to see what's going on, we cannot allow children to sit on shoulders or be held up to block the views of others. Please check our event terms and conditions for age restriction. Live events use enhance speaker system and are unsuitable for children.

Do you have seating for people with disabilities?

Yes. The amount of accessible seating varies at each venue. Please call us by phone to purchase accessible seating tickets so we may arrange for any necessary assistance.

What if I can't make it to the event?

Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for another event.

I purchased a ticket to the concert from somewhere other than the official website - is this alright?

We strongly object to the use of unofficial ticket sellers who mislead customers into purchasing invalid tickets which are sold at inflated prices and can lead to non-admittance or ejection from the Event.

What should I do if my tickets are lost or stolen?

To expedite resolutions to lost/stolen tickets, please prepare the following before calling us: -Transaction number -Event title -Number of tickets purchased -Name and contact number/e-mail address
Only tickets for reserved seating can be replaced.
Lost/Stolen General Admission (GA) tickets cannot be replaced.

What happens when a show is cancelled or postponed?

We will typically inform the public, usually through announcements in the major media channels or via e-mail. For cancellations, refund options are available and instructions will be communicated. For postponements, no refund options are available.

What is E-Ticket?

An E-ticket (electronic ticket) is an electronic form of our ticket that is sent to you via e-mail. Each copy contains a unique barcode that can only be used by one person.

How do I get my E-ticket and do I have to print the E-ticket to enter the venue?

E-tickets are sent via e-mail together with the e-mail confirmation. E-tickets come in a PDF format or as a link for some events. Each copy can only be used by one person as it contains a unique barcode. The E-ticket must be downloaded and either printed or presented on your mobile phone for admission.
Do note that not all events provide E-tickets.

What is an obstructed or restricted view?

Each event or performances requires a different type of stage set-up. As such, the construction of props or the way seats are arranged will obstruct the line of vision from some seats to the full view of the stage. Such seats are deemed to have obstructed or restricted views and will be indicated in the seat map diagrams.


May I bring a camera? May I record part of the performance?

Most Artists prohibit the use of flash photography and professional cameras. Audio and/or video recording is not permitted at anytime.

What if it is raining on concert day?

Some of our concerts are outdoor events and can be affected by the weather. The stage is fully covered but the area for concertgoers is uncovered and open-air. Please note the concert will proceed rain or shine unless the site is deemed by emergency services and concert management to be unsafe. We advise you to come prepared with the appropriate weather gear.

Can I bring umbrellas?

No, for the safety of other concert goers, you may not bring umbrellas to the even. We advised you to bring rain coat.

How do I use my Print-At-Home E-tickets to gain entry to the Event?

On the day of the event simply take your E-ticket/s with you as you would for any event ticket. Please present your E-ticket on arrival at the entry gate. Make sure that each person you have bought the tickets for has their own ticket when attending the event. You MUST NAME each E-ticket in the name of the person that will use the ticket to gain entry to the event BEFORE you download and print it. The E-ticket bearer will be asked to show proof of identification at the gate of the venue to gain entry. Security staff will check that the name on the ticket matches the ID of the person using the ticket to gain entry to the event. Do not give copies of your E-ticket to others.

What if my unique E-ticket barcode was scanned more than once?

We will only allow entry for the first scan of the barcode. If E-ticket photocopies are presented at the event venue the staff in charge of scanning barcodes will alert the ushers that the barcode has already been scanned.
Should there be a dispute, our staff will contact the original ticket purchaser and verify the purchaser’s identity through Name/Contact Number/Email collected during the purchase process.

Can I buy tickets the day of the show?

You may purchase tickets at the box office on the day of the show if any tickets are still available. Cash or credit/debit card only,

Is there safety and first aid service?

EMS will be available to assist with any medical emergency. We will also have a security force onsite for your personal safety.

Are bags allowed?

For some of the most high profile ticketed events, for the safety of the artist and the audience we are required to implement a no bag policy. This will be made clear to you via social media in advance of the event. Small handbags may be allowed in at the discretion of PK security staff, subject to a search. There would usually not be a cloakroom facility, so please ensure you don't bring bags to the event if you are advised not to do so.

Is there any bag screening process?

Yes. All bags will be subject to the security screening process. To help avoid delays, it’s best to leave your bag at home. Please check the event terms and condition for bag policy.

What items are prohibited at live events?

PK Entertainment takes the safety and security of our stakeholders very seriously. All patrons will pass through a security checkpoint upon entry to the building where hand held metal detectors are used. At this point, any prohibited items will need to be taken back to vehicles or these items will be discarded. We do not offer an item check for prohibited items. Additionally, all bags are subject to search. To expedite the entry process, we ask guests to travel light and leave bags and purses at home, if possible. Please note that upon the Artists discretion, the list of prohibited items may vary! The below list of prohibited items are prohibited at all concerts, unless otherwise noted at the point of entry:

  • Guns
  • Knives/weapons of any kind
  • Illegal drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Cameras with detachable lenses
  • Audio or video recording devices
  • Outside food or beverage of any kind
  • Fireworks/explosives/flammables/sprays
  • Hard-sided containers, including cans, bottles, thermoses or flasks
  • Luggae/Backpacks
  • Laser pointers/pens
  • Monopods/selfie sticks or similar devices
  • Umbrellas
  • Other items as deemed inappropriate by venue staff/artist management

What is your re-entry policy?

All of our events have a "No Re-Entry Policy". This means that guests may not exit the venue during an event and then re-enter at a later time.


I've lost something important to me at the concert. What can I do to retrieve it?

Please use the contact form on our website.